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Photoshop plug-ins for retouching

create posterization in an image but not Power Retouch which has a dedicated anti- posterization control in the appropriate Photoshop plugin. One of our first Photoshop plugins was the Sharpness Editor which can sharpen an image without creating the dreaded negative halos that Unsharp Mask always creates. It has been upgraded many times and is still the leading sharpener on the market Each plugin addresses a specific retouching
need and adds various advanced options for adjusting the retouch. Most of our Photoshop plugins can apply the retouch in a graduated fashion across the image. Or target lights, darks and midtones separately. Similar options are available in various plugins depending on the nature of the retouch. For example the Saturation Editor can target unsaturated or saturated colors or use a special Photographic Mode unique to Power Retouch, which is implemented in many of our Photoshop plug-ins.

Our Photoshop plugins

Power Retouch has delivered some of the finest Photoshop plugins for retouching since 2002. We specialize in plugins for doingretouches faster which are time-consuming in Photoshop, or retouches that are not possible by any other means. The main focus of each Photoshop plugin has always been artistic integrity, thus no image degradation is allowed. Many other retouches