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The left side is the original. Right side is filtered with the plugin.

Quick and easy soft filtering with this Power Retouche Photoshop plugin

Apply the digital equivalent of a lens soft filter in your favorite photo software with this plugin for photoshop and other photo software. The plugin does exactly the same as a traditional lens soft filter. It lets you adjust both the strength and the softness. You can even apply it radialy or as a graduted effect.

Windows version is for all versions of Photoshop, Elements, Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Draw,
Illustrator and other software that supports Photoshop plugins. See list.
Adjust amount of equalization in lights, midtones and darks Mac version is for Photoshop CS3 and later and Elements and is universal only.

Introduction to the PowerRetouche filter plugin

Soft Filter Photoshop plugin

The plugins are for both OSX and Classic
The plugins are for all versions of windows

of the plugin

Give your photos and graphics a more natural and less digital look Create that intimate soft look of traditional lens soft filters
Filter edge-line roughness and pixelation (this is known as "anti-aliasing") Filter out noise
Smooth jagged edges on text and graphics or in entire photos Set the filter to any desired strength or effect

The Soft Filter filter plugin works with these image modes (Windows and Mac)...
8 & 16 bit / channel: RGB, Grayscale, Duotone, CMYK, Multichannel, Lab.


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Soft Filter
filter controls

Click to see the plugin at full sizeThis is the Soft Filter Photoshop plugins control panel. Click to enlarge. The controlpanel and preview area can be changed by dragging the sides.

The filter has two main controls:
1. Effect % - the intensity of the softening.
2. Spread - the size of the softening.

In addition you can target the softening to lights, midtones and darks or apply a graduated effect.

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Example -

original photo
Softened with the plugin soft filter

The Soft Filter Photoshop plugin is an exact digital equivalent of the classic lens soft filters.

How the plugin filters the photoPowerRetouche Photoshop plugins tutorial

Tutorial for the PowerRetouche filter plugin for photoshop and other photo-software and graphic software


The Soft Filter



These are the main controls.

Effect % determines how strong the soft filter should be.
Spread determines the size of the soft haze.


The photo to the right was filtered below at various effect levels, but with the spread size 10 in all cases. A spread of 10 would normally be considered too high for such a small image, but for the sake of illustration it is fine.

Notice the spread and fade-out of the haze in the effect 100% example. It matches exactly the fade-out and spread of traditional lens soft-filters.

Like the traditional lens soft filters, you can use this filter to create a romantic and warm mood in the photo or as a noise filter.



Effect 25
Spread 10

Effect 50
Spread 10

Effect 80
Spread 10

Effect 100
Spread 10


Retouch levels


Retouch levels

The three slider Lights, Midtones and Darks are common to most Power Retouche filters and they adjust the level of retouching applied to the respective brightness levels. In other words with our soft filter, you can for example soften the lights more than the shadows.

The following three examples illustrate this.

Effect = 100, Spread = 10, but applied solely to either lights, midtones or darks. In practical use one would combine various amounts of all three levels, but for the sake of illustration...

Lights only

Midtones only

Darks only


Graduated effect


These controls are common for many of the Power Retouche plug-ins. Using graduated effect will cause the filter to apply it's filtering at full strength in one side of the image and then fade the effect out towards the other side. You can change direction by right clicking the preview (Windows) or Ctl-clicking (Mac). Midpoint will shift the balance between how large an area will be filtered at full strength and how much will have a faded out effect. Contrast will change the accelleration and spread of the fade-out. Diffusion will make the graduated effect slightly irregular so it looks natural; a setting of 5 is usually best.

In this example we applied a graduated effect towards the bottom, setting midpoint low. This retouch created a depth-of-field by softening the foregound. To create a look more of blur than softness, as in this case, set the effect high and the size low.


Process in tiles


The plug-in has two modes: it can process the entire image in one gulp, or it can process the image in tiles. Processing in tiles is slower, so only use it if your image is larger than the amount of free ram.

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