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Photoshop plug-ins for retouching

Color fringe remover

What are color fringes?

Actually there are several kinds of color fringes. One comes from chromatic aberration, which is the phenomena that the various colors of the spectrum refract differently through lenses and therefore get slightly misaligned in the final picture; this shows up as a green fringe and a purple fringe. Another common fringe comes when you have a strong back light and a high contrast edge in front of it, like when photographing trees against the sky. This fringe is typically blue, violet or purple. Sometimes a purple halo, or fringe, appears around small strong lights (like a candle or a small bulb) against a dark background. The plug-in has presets for the most common fringes. Various lenses and situations produce different kinds of fringes and our Color Fringe Remover lets you fine tune the correction to any situation and save it for later use.

Quick introduction

This Photoshop plug-in lets you target specific color fringes and remove them. A typical fringe is the dreaded purple fringe. Do not mistake chromatic aberration for a color fringe. We have a dedicated plug-in for chromatic aberration. This is the Color Fringe Remover Photoshop plug-in's control panel. Click on the image for a larger view. It works with the following image modes: 8 & 16 bit/channel: RGB, CMYK.

Video introducing the Photoshop plug-in

Blue fringe
Chromatic aberration

Fringe controls

This is the control set for fringe color one. The controls for fringe two are identical. The sliders Fringe color from and Fringe color to determine the color range of the fringe. Fringe detection sets the filters sensitivity to what counts as a color fringe. Show fringes will draw a color in the preview over the fringes that will be changed, this is meant as an aid in setting the color range and the detection level. Fringe one will be shown in red, fringe two in green. The sliders below determine how the plug-in removes the fringe color and reconstructs the underlying color.
Finally there is a popup menu with presets for the most common fringes. There are five preset fringe colors.

Retouch levels

These controls are common to most Power Retouch plug-ins. They let you control the amount of filtering that will be applied to lights, mid tones and darks.


This example is a typical instance of a green and purple fringe. The green fringe is particularly saturated, so we had to change the default desaturation setting from 40% to 70% for the green fringe filter. Images are enlarged 200%

Double pass

Sometimes a fringe may be so wide and massive, that the plug-in does not readily catch all of it using just fringe one or fringe two. In that case you can do a double pass by setting fringe one and fringe two to the same color. Such wide and massive fringes often appear when the fringe comes from hard back light situations as in this example.
Fringe one
Fringe one and two (double pass)