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Photoshop plug-ins for retouching


Quick introduction

This Photoshop plug-in lets you control all aspects of color saturation. Target unsaturated or saturated colors or use our special Photographic mode. This is the Saturation Photoshop plug-in’s control panel. Click on the image for a larger
It works with the following image modes: 8 & 16 bit/channel: RGB, CMYK.

Saturation modes

The plug-in offers four different saturation modes:
Unsaturated colors will saturate unsaturated colors more than saturated. Saturated colors will saturate saturated colors more than unsaturated. Photographic mode   will saturate the image in accordance with the laws of optics about how light and saturation are interrelated. Uniform will saturate everything evenly.

Saturation & Vibrance

You can retouch all colors at once or you can retouch individual colors. For all colors choose between   saturation   or   vibrance . Vibrance is a special gentle form of saturation. In the example below we desaturated cyan and blue and saturated yellow and green…
The   Include   slider is only available for the   Saturated colors  and   Unsaturated colors  modes. It determines how much is to be included as an unsaturated or saturated color.
Unsaturated colors Include = 70 Saturate = 200
Saturated colors Include = 70 Saturate = 200
Photographic mode Saturate = 100
Uniform Saturate = 70

Saturation modes

As you can see from the examples below, the four saturation modes produce quite different results.

Graduated effect

These controls are common for many of our Photoshop plug-ins. Using graduated effect will make the filter apply it's filtering at full strength in one side of the image and then fade the effect out towards the other side. You can change   direction   by right clicking the preview (Windows) or ctl. clicking (Mac). Midpoint   will shift the balance between how large an area will be filtered at full strength and how much will have a faded out effect. Contrast   will change the acceleration and spread of the fade-out.   Photographic Mode  will integrate the effect into the image in a natural way.


Here we raised the saturation of the foreground to create a greater sense of depth in the image. We especially raised orange and yellow saturation, since warm colours tend to jump forward.

Retouch levels

Retouch levels are common to most Power Retouche plug-ins. With these you can control how much the various levels will be changed by the filter. In the example below we retouched the highlights at 100%,  the lights at 75%, the midtones at 50% and the rest at 0%.


These are common to most of the Power Retouch plug-ins. Everything within From and Up To will be changed. Softness will soften the outer limits so the retouch integrates nicely in the image.


Here we used colorrange to target the pink T- shirt and the flesh tones.