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Photoshop plug-ins for retouching


Quick introduction

This Photoshop plug-in lets you correct white balance either automatically or manually. Use greycards or colorcheckers to correct from, or select a Wratten filter. Many more options available. This is the White balance Photoshop plug-in’s control panel. Click on the image for a larger
It works with the following image modes: 8 & 16 bit/channel: RGB, CMYK.


Three unique auto methods remove colorcast easily. You can also apply a specific Wratten filter or use an eyedropper tool to pick a color in the image and then use a standard colorpicker and the sliders to modify it. Finally there are presets for various greycards like WhiBal and Gretag MacBeths colorchecker.


Auto - Midtones and Auto Exposure
Auto - Midtones with Auto Exposure

Common controls

These controls are common to all the correction methods.
Exposure stops  exactly emulate a camera’s exposure stops Offset  will brighten or darken the entire image evenly. Black point  lets you pull the darks down closer to black. Retouch levels  are common to the Power Retouch plug-ins and let you control the amount of filtering in the various brightness levels.

Correction Filters - Wratten

The   Wratten Filter  slider is callibrated to the German B&W filters and the corresponding Wratten numbers are shown below. The small rectangle  will show the color of the filter. You can also change the filtercolor by clicking in the rectangle to get a standard colorpicker . Orange - Cyan  is calibrated to match the standard warm and cold filters for color temperature correction. The next two sliders lets you create any color you want.   Green - Magenta  is particularly suited for correcting fluorescent light.

Brightness range

These controls are only available with the Correction Filters method. They let you target a limited brightness range and change the tone of the colors in that range. In the example to the right we targeted the clouds and warmed them up.
Clouds warmed

Color Picker method

Left click the   eyedropper   icon and left click on a color in the preview. You can then click the lowerr framed rectangle to invoke a standard   colorpicker   and choose the color you want to change the picked color to. Use this with single color greycard  or whitecard . You can also use the three sliders above to set a filter color.

Using greycards

You have the option to use greycards with 3, 4 or 6 greys.
Left click the eyedropper and left click the relevant grey patch in the preview. Here we have the controls for use with the Greitag MacBeth Color Checker with 6 greys. The plugin will then set that luminance level to neutral and to the right luminance level that matches the patch in the original greycard. You can manually edit the exposure of any of the given grey levels.